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 Movies are not responsible Movies are not responsible
Cooper, Cici (Scream series)
13th May 2015
36 Current Members

 Proof Proof
Enchanted: [+] All Characters
04th May 2008
28 Current Members

 Grand White Witch Grand White Witch
Hansel and Gretel: Witchhunters: Gretel
08th February 2013
7 Current Members

 Rough, Unlettered, and Admirable Rough, Unlettered, and Admirable
Harry Potter series: Aberforth Dumbledore
19th December 2007
49 Current Members

 Clever Clever
Harry Potter series: Crookshanks
23rd August 2010
60 Current Members

 Loyalty Loyalty
Harry Potter Series: Fawkes the Phoenix
23rd December 2009
74 Current Members

 Noble and Courageous Noble and Courageous
Harry Potter series: Godric Gryffindor
12th September 2007
42 Current Members

 Family Family
Harry Potter: Hedwig
27th September 2011
63 Current Members

 Regrets Regrets
Harry Potter: Ravenclaw, Helena 'The Grey Lady'
14th May 2012
12 Current Members

 Bewitching Bewitching
Hocus Pocus: [+] Sanderson Sisters
29th April 2008
50 Current Members

 So Fetch! So Fetch!
Mean Girls: Gretchen Wieners
23rd September 2009
329 Current Members

 The Queen Bee The Queen Bee
Mean Girls: Regina George
12th July 2015
16 Current Members a Librarian a Librarian
Mummy series, The: Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell
06th November 2021
5 Current Members

 Protector of the Bracelet of Anubis Protector of the Bracelet of Anubis
Mummy series, The: Princess Nefertiri
06th February 2009
16 Current Members

 Archivist Archivist
National Treasure series: Chase, Abigail
12th April 2011
5 Current Members

 Mermaid Mermaid
Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Syrena
02nd February 2013
8 Current Members

 Strong Strong
Pride and Prejudice: Bennet, Elizabeth
10th April 2016
14 Current Members

 Rose Rose
Redwall Series: Laterose of Noonvale
23rd February 2008
8 Current Members

 The Only One The Only One
Sherlock Holmes: Adler, Irene
02nd February 2013
8 Current Members

 Something to Hide Something to Hide
Sleepy Hollow: [+] All Characters
20th March 2010
6 Current Members

 Warrior Warrior
Thor: Sif
12th October 2014
6 Current Members

 The Last of the Valerious Line The Last of the Valerious Line
Van Helsing: Valerious, Anna
23rd November 2010
8 Current Members

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