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 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Beauregarde, Violet:  Chronicles of Narnia, The: Aslan:  Chronicles of Narnia, The: Pevensie, Lucy:  Enchanted: Giselle:  Enchanted: Prince Edward:  Enchanted: [+] All Characters:  Fast and the Furious, The: Letty:  Great Expectations: Estella:  Harry Potter: Buckbeak:  Harry Potter: Crookshanks:  Harry Potter: Dobby:  Harry Potter: Dumbledore, Aberforth:  Harry Potter: Dumbledore, Albus:  Harry Potter: Fawkes:  Harry Potter: Granger, Hermione:  Harry Potter: Gryffindor, Godric:  Harry Potter: Hagrid, Rubeus:  Harry Potter: Hedwig:  Harry Potter: Longbottom, Neville:  Harry Potter: Lovegood, Luna:  Harry Potter: McGonagall, Minerva:  Harry Potter: Moody, Alastor 'Mad Eye':  Harry Potter: Potter, Harry:  Harry Potter: Ravenclaw, Helena 'The Grey Lady':  Harry Potter: Weasley, Ginny:  Hocus Pocus: [+] Sanderson Sisters:  Ice Princess: Carlyle, Casey:  John Tucker Must Die: Beth:  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The: Harker, Mina:  Lord of the Rings series, The and Other Middle Earth Books: Tauriel:  Mean Girls: George, Regina:  Mean Girls: Wieners, Gretchen:  Mummy series, The: Nefertiri:  Mummy series, The: O'Connell, Evelyn Carnahan:  Natinal Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets: Chase, Abigail:  Notebook, The: Nelson/Hamilton, Allie:  Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Captain Hector Barbossa:  Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Captain Jack Sparrow:  Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Davy Jones:  Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach:  Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Joshamee Gibbs:  Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Syrena:  Pride and Prejudice: Bennet, Elizabeth:  Pride and Prejudice: Bennet, Jane:  Pride and Prejudice: Darcy, Mr. Fitzwilliam:  Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Princess Tamina:  Redwall Series: Laterose of Noonvale:  Sense and Sensibility: Marianne Dashwood:  Sherlock Holmes: Adler, Irene:  Sleepy Hollow: Crane, Ichabod:  Sleepy Hollow: Lady Crane:  Sleepy Hollow: Van Tassel, Katrina:  Sleepy Hollow: [+] All Characters:  Van Helsing: Aleera:  Van Helsing: Valerious, Anna:

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