About Libby

Portrayed by Jenna Leigh Green, Libby was the main villainess on Sabrina the Teenage Witch; she was a stereotypically snotty cheerleader who picked on Sabrina and her friends. She often referred to Sabrina as a "freak", and, while ignorant of the fact that Sabrina was a witch, she suspected that Sabrina was different. Libby's major conflict with Sabrina revolved around the girls' competition for the affection of Harvey Kinkle, who clearly preferred Sabrina. Only a few personal details are known about Libby. She apparently comes from wealth, and lives in a step-family arrangement of some sort. Her mother appeared in the episode "Five Easy Pieces of Libby" and is played by Cristine Rose; the mother is much like the daughter--snobby and mean-spirited. She has a stepbrother, Russell, who is seen in the episode "Sabrina Claus," and is played by Richard Taylor Olson; he and Libby have a combative relationship. Her appearances generally involve her being mean to Sabrina and others, and getting poetic justice at the end of the episode. At the start of season 4, Libby was sent off to boarding school and was never seen again.

Libby is such an awesome character in the series, and she is really part of the reason why the series was so great. I was really saddened when she no longer came out in the fourth season, and I always wished she would come back. Jenna Leigh Green did a wonderful job of portraying Libby.


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