Other Websites

Love   Construction Began: December 17, 2005
My friend Misty first explained to me what TCGs, or Trading Card Games, were in 2005, and I became a member of several Disney-related trading card games and thought about becoming a member of some movie, animal, and art related TCGs as well. This is my trading card post, where I have all of the cards I collected and mastered. I no longer participate in TCGs due to time constraints, but they are extremely lovely and a great way to meet friends with the same interests as you.

Library   Construction Began: June 02, 2007
This is a small portfolio I have of some of my work. although I know I'm not the best layout or graphics maker, I felt I should keep some of the things I've made. Included here will be images of layouts I have made, including layouts I made when I first started designing and coding my own layouts so long ago, as well as layouts that have been requested. I've also decided to add websites and fansites that I have closed here, because titlehough I have closed them, there are some memories of them that I certainly wish to keep. I'm not an extremely experienced designer or coder, and this Portfolio will mainly be for myself, in order to remember and look back at my work and how it has changed. Sometimes, it is nice to remember.

Museum   Construction Began: May 07, 2007
I am going to make galleries for some of my fanlistings and fansites, which I was going to place in one general gallery divided by categories and names, so I decided to make a Screencapture website to go along with the gallery. I realize that some visitors may just be looking for screencaptures, not always for a fanlisting or fansite, and so I thought it would be neat to make this website. I generally like to name things after places, such as Library, so I decided on Museum after viewing Night At The Museum, since Museums are places where visitors go to browse.