Sam is one of the group of three teenage girls who are also spies. They are all friends who work together during each episode to catch evildoers. Out of the three girls, Sam stands out to me most because she is the most studious and the most responsible one. She mostly takes things in a more serious manner than the other two friends. In one episode, for example, she was the one targeted by an evil girl who wanted to gather the intelligence of students at a university.

Samantha "Sam" Simpsons, has long, wavy red hair with a widow's peak, green eyes, and a green catsuit. She is the most intelligent and uptight of the group. She always loves to hang out with her friends but she's really serious in every mission they need to accomplish. She uses her intelligence to create plans and diversions so that the girls can easily capture the villains. Sam also acts as the big sister of the team and like Clover and Alex, enjoys shopping, and visiting salons, but she is not as interested as the others and takes her studies and duties as a spy more seriously.

As a play on her intelligence, Sam is frequently brainwashed by villains as a running gag of the series.

Sam is voiced by voice actress Jennifer Hale, who has recently voiced Cinderella in Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.

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